Join the North Liberty Fire Department

Who is Eligible to Join?

The NLFD is always taking applications from interested individuals. Applicants must be 18 years of age and have a valid driver’s license. The NLFD offers positions for part-time firefighters, paid-per call, and EMS responders. Part-time employees and paid-per call firefighters are allowed to live both within and outside of North Liberty city limits. EMS responders must live within the fire district. We commonly engage in one large selection process each winter that will take new candidates through their firefighter I and Hazmat certifications, followed by Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training. However, if you are a credentialed and/or an experienced firefighter or EMS responder, there is a possibility that we would consider your application and selection off cycle.

Questions regarding recruitment? Please contact Assistant Chief Bill Schmooke at 319-626-5717 Ext. 5725 or email.


  • Receive Fire, Medial, Rescue and Hazardous Materials Training.
  • Utilize the North Liberty Rec Center & Pool all year round at no charge for you, your spouse/significant other and children.
  • 10% off tuition at Columbia Southern University.
  • Tax deductible mileage.
  • Annual Flu Shot at no charge.
  • Provide a vital service to the community.
  • Paid per Call & Participation (Based on Longevity & Certifications)


  • Complete required NIMS and ICS Certification – Within 3 months.
  • CPR for Health Care Providers AHA – Within 3 months.
  • Complete Hazardous Materials Operations Level Certification – By the end of First Year.
  • Complete FireFighter I Training & Certification – By the end of First Year.
  • Complete FireFighter II Training & Certification – Optional yet encouraged.
  • Obtain the Iowa EMT certification within 30 total months from member’s start date.
  • Part-time members are required to do (2) 12 hour shifts minimum per month.
  • Paid-per call members will be assigned a duty crew and responsible for shift work as assigned.

Probationary Period

  • All new members will spend the first twelve (12) months as a probationary firefighter.
  • The first two years will be very challenging but also very rewarding.
  • You will learn, you will be challenged, you will meet new people, and you will grow!

Time Commitment

  • Business Meeting (First Wednesday of each Month)
  • EMS Training to include monthly online training and quarterly hands-on training
  • Fire Training to include monthly hands-on training
  • Facilities Duties
  • Apparatus Duties
  • Annual Fire Hose Testing
  • *Some Trainings will be scheduled on the weekends

Member Selection Process

  • Meet the living and age requirements.
  • Submit a completed application to the North Liberty Fire Department (Application is below).
  • Your application will be processed and reviewed.
  • Physical ability and written testing will be administered.
  • If applicant passes physical ability and written testing, interviews will be scheduled.
  • After interview, if applicant proceeds, a Fit for Duty health physical will be scheduled.
  • All recruit fire fighters shall pass a criminal background screening prior to their start date.

How To Apply

North Liberty Fire Department uses the City of North Liberty’s general Employment Application form. Click the apply now button below and you will be directed to that site to complete the form online.

If you are unable to complete the online application you can obtain a copy at:

North Liberty Fire Department, 25 W. Cherry St., North Liberty, IA
North Liberty City Hall, 3 Quail Creek Circle, North Liberty, IA

Questions about the process?

Scroll up to view Eligibility, Benefits, Requirements, Probation & Time Commitment.

Have further questions?

Feel free to contact the North Liberty Fire Department with your questions regarding the application process for joining the volunteer force at NLFD.