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Permit Documents & Plans Submittal

Permits Application Forms & Documents

Online Permit Submittal

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Agency Code “Nor01” (case sensitive)
  3. Log into Your Account
  4. Attach City of North Liberty Commercial Permit Application, Plans and Required Documents

Third Party Review

Third Party Review is required for:

  1. Alternative Suppression Systems
  2. Sprinkler Systems with Fire Pump(s)
  3. Sprinkler Systems with Standpipe(s)
  4. Fire Alarm Systems with Voice Evacuation Systems
  5. Fire Alarm Pre-Action Systems
  6. Kitchen Hood Suppression Systems
  7. As determined by City of North Liberty (Contact NLFD prior to bidding project if unsure if third party plan review will be required)

All fees associated with Third Party review are in addition to City of North Liberty permit fees.